Friends With Benefits

Psychic friends with benefits knew this one would end somewhere in the middle east, however we are still a little ‘fozzy’ over which Muppet Mila Kunis will romance by year’s end. This decision is not without regret however when Mila realizes a truth about Timberlake that this year’s ‘In Time’ reveals. He stops aging at 25 and remains this age for all of eternity, or maybe we all knew that, but were trying to pretend it was all just a movie.

It’s going to be an ‘Easy A’ to get ‘Fired Up’ about this comedy from a director, Will Gluck, whose previous credits have been included in this ridiculous sentence. With a little ‘Gluck’ this very funny filmmaker will continue surprising everyone, including us psychics, and hopefully avoid in the future horrible pun shaped paragraphs with little to know information regarding his current film.

If you want to know anything about this movie go and see it, but try to ignore that precognition you feel when familiar scenarios play before you. Two characters enter into a relationship with the sole intention of not falling in love…they fall in love anyway, right? I said ignore your delusions of premonitions. You’re not clairvoyant. You are simply seeing a story you’ve watched unfold countless times before. If you want to know something you didn’t already know about the future, just know that despite the seemingly grueling nature of repetition…you’re going to enjoy it.

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